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Saints Alive!

By Bonnie Bernstein, Richard Cappuccio, Laura Chessin, Dean Dass, Janet Eden, Lyall Harris, Nancy Kober, Viana Martinez, Kevin McFadden, Jeff Pike, Kirsten Miles, Yolanda Merrill, Garrett Queen, Liz Schneiders, Michael Swanberg
Charlottesville: Virginia Center for the Book, 2022. Edition of 30.

Prints are 7" by 10" with a vertical orientation. The printmaking methods represented in the collection are as eclectic as the patron saints they portray. Each set of prints is housed in a paper retablo, or small Peruvian-style altar-box. A built-in frame compartment holds all 14 prints. When the retablo stands open, the top-most print is displayed. Closed, the retablo measures 7.125" x 13" x .5". Belly band closure with printed title. Each print signed and numbered by the artist.

Virginia Center for the Book: "Blending the sacred and the secular, and drawing inspiration from Mexican ex votos, Peruvian retablos, and European and Near Eastern iconography, member artists at the Virginia Center for the Book have produced a collection of storied art venerating whoever/whatever helped them to cope during the pandemic or other recent difficult time.

“Several take refuge in distraction, both meaningful and amusing. Some turn inward, exploring the psyche and values. Others shine a light outward, honoring the miracle workers, including the uncelebrated."

Bonnie Berstein – “Saint Selous, Patron of Bird Watchers
Richard Cappucio – “St. Katharine
Laura Chessin – “Patron Saint of Music
Dean Das – “Patron Saint of Mental Health
Janet Eden – “Saint Words
Lyall Harris – “Thank You
Nancy Kober – “Cantate Domino
Viana Martinez – “Saint of Simple Pleasures
Kevin McFadden / Jeff Pike – “Saint Science
Kirsten Miles – “Patron Saint of Dogs
Yoland Merrill - “Scribbelina, Patron Saint of Doodling
Garrett Queen – “The Simple Saint
Liz Schneiders – “Our Lady of the Perpetual Journal
Michael Swanberg – “The Fulfillment Center Worker

Saints Alive!

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