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By Carla Busquets
Barcelona, Spain: Carla Busquets, 2022. One-of-a-Kind.

Size: 34cm x 21cm x 21cm pop out structure. Material: Fabriano watercolour paper 300g, onion-skin paper. Technique: watercolour, hand papercutting. Housed in a 27,5cm x 24cmx 4,5cm clamshell box. Signed by the artist.

Carla Busquets: "An underwater scene where corals and seaweeds create an intimate yet colourful shelter for sea life. We can see jellyfish and other specimens floating amongst the plants or hiding behind the sand. The accordion layers only attached to each other in certain parts allow for the book to stand in different positions, reassembling the fluid and changing nature of the ocean and its life underneath."


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