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Set of Zines:  Starry Eyed Gals

Poem by Nancy Scott
Zine design by Maryann Riker
Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Maryann Riker, 2017.

2.9 x 4.25"; 8 pages. Created from a one-sheet book structure. Pamphlet stitched into cardstock cover.

A set of five zines about items that have influenced women's health. Each zine contains a short poem by Nancy Scott.

"Deadly Makeup": a history of poisonous products women used as makeup and their side effects.
"Smokin' Women": a history of cigarettes and its influence on women's roles.
"Tightlaced Women": a history of "tightlacing" and its effects on women's health and body functions.
"Padded": a history of the menstrual pad.
"Stuck Up": a history of the tampon.


Set of Zines: Starry Eyed Gals

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