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Set of Zines:  Women of NASA

Poem by Nancy Scott
Book design by Maryann Riker
Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Maryann Riker, 2019. Unstated.

5 pamphlets: each 4.375" x 2.75"; 8 pages. Created from a one-sheet book structure. Materials: cardstock, paper, thread, organza, ribbon. Saddle-stitched to a pink cardstock cover. Housed in pink organza bag with pink ribbon tie.

Maryann Riker: "Celebrating the women of NASA who put men in space and on the moon, these 5 zines honor those who worked behind the scenes, became astronauts and lost their lives in the pursuit of science. This one-sheet book structure with various pink-shaded-cardstock covers also includes an acrostic poem by Nancy Scott of Easton, Pa. "


The Human Computers
Spacey Women
Spacey Women 2
Spacey Women 3
In Memoriam


Set of Zines: Women of NASA

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