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Skim Milk & Soft Wax

By Dani Leventhal
Rosendale, New York: Women's Studio Workshop, 2008.
Edition of 36.


9.5 x 12 x 2.5"; 40 pages. Printed on Mohawk Superfine and Rives Lightweight. Intaglio, letterpress, and silkscreen processes. Other materials: pencil, inkjet, and magic marker. Cover pages made of kenaf and rye fibers grown on the WSW Artfarm. Cover design of red circles resemble target with 2" rubber bullet protruding from the center. Housed in an archival grey lightweight cardboard box with clear plastic lid.


WSW: "The author, who was raised to believe that Israel is the 'land of milk and honey,' explores her Jewish identity. Leventhal’s personal experiences of Israel collide with this idyllic image. Skim milk, a substance of reduced nutritional value, and wax, the stuff of religious offerings, are used as metaphors for the complex, shape shifting, and often disappointing policies of the state of Israel. Includes 44 minute movie."

Skim Milk & Soft Wax

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