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By William Woodsworth
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Down Home Girl Studio, 2011. Edition of 40.

2.375 x 3"; 18 pages. Letterpress printed using a combination of reduction linoleum blocks and photopolymer plates on a digitally printed background image. Printed on Arches Text using Perpetua and Desdemona typefaces. Cloth flatback case binding with paper title on cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Suzanne Sawyer: "SPEAK! is a beautiful poem by William Wordsworth in which Wordsworth begged the woman he loved to free him from his anguish and speak at last about whether or not she loved him. As I am always interested in concepts of duality and being known, each of the images in the book are symbolic of those concepts.

"Other notes: I particularly enjoy the relationship of this miniature book to the powerful yet intimate words it contains. The viewer cradles a tiny book about such a universal longing - to be known … and to be loved. The book was printed on the back and front of one sheet of paper roughly 8 ½ x 11 inches, then cut down to folios and assembled. The image of the woman on the title page is based on a drawing of my version of Shakespeare's Ophelia."

$ 50
$ 85, in clamshell box


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