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Text by Deborah Sibony
Kensington + Berkeley, California: Liminal Press, 2018. Edition of 10.

10 x 15"; 56 pages. Text, photographic collages, letterpress printing and binding by Camden M. Richards. Monotypes designed and pulled on Rives BFK 250gsm at Studio 1509 by Sibony on a Takach etching press. Photographic collages created by Richards and ink jet printed on Canson Vidalon Vellum 90gsm at Minuteman Press on an Epson Stylus Pro 9600. Text set in Zuzana Licko’s Mrs Eaves. Written, designed and letterpress printed by Richards at Liminal Press + Bindery on a Vandercook 4 proofing press. Handmade paper with inclusions by Patti Harden. Bound with a buttonhole stitch. Housed in a custom box with hand painted book cloth by Sibony. Box construction by John DeMerritt. Numbered. Signed by Richards and Sibony.

Camden Richards: "'Stained' is a collaborative book of word and image, pigment and fiber, documenting the emotional experience—bright lightness, dark depths—and reckoning of motherhood.

"Monotypes pulled in counterpoint to the text and photographs by Deborah Sibony."

Text excerpt:

                                                        In color theory,
                                                        we are taught about
                                                         the additive and subtractive
                                                         color spaces.

         In the additive color space,
                                                         In the subtractive color space,        
                 the sum of all colors is
                                                         these wavelengths of light
                          bright, pure white
                                                         are absorbed
             As such, it is not actually
                                                         and reflected
         a singular color, but rather a
                                                          at varying degrees to
    composite of the full spectrum,
                                                          render pigments,
                            which in itself is a
                                                          the sum of all which results in
              dispersion and projection
                                                          rich, deep black.
                   of wavelengths of light.

                                                           And, so, what are seemingly opposites

                          –blazing brightness,
                                                          velvety darkness–
                                                            are in fact one and the same:



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