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Staying the Winter

Poetry by Carter Clapsadle
Design & Printing by Julie Baugnet
St. Paul, Minnesota: Bluestem Cottage Press, 2023. Edition of 11.

Gatefold format with two spines. Size: 4.75" x 12" folds out to 24". Paper: Rives BFK white and grey. Type: Source Sans Pro. 11/19. Techniques: Alternative print techniques such as ink drawdowns, erasers prints, and stencils. 7 screenprinted images. Housed in a linen dual-colored case. Printed at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Numbered. Signed by Clapsadle and Baugnet.

Julie Baugnet: "’Staying the Winter’ is bound in a unique gatefold format, with 2 spines. On the left, a small book with 7 tercet poems are letterpress printed on Rives BFK grey. The right-hand pages open to reveal a variety of abstract images of winter printed on Rives BFK white.

"Illustrations are abstract, using color and texture to convey the emotive qualities of the poems. A family of 5 colors is used to create unity and interest depicting the colors of winter. By making 2 books, I was able to create landscape images that are separate from the narrative. I chose to use abstract imagery—leaving the short poems to evoke imagery for the reader to imagine."

Bluestem Press: "This book is a collaborative venture and is a reflection of our countless years staying the winters in Alaska and Minnesota. Clapsadle/Baugnet lead a quiet life—printing, designing, writing, and making books. Our interests inform our perspective, aesthetic, and approach to creativity.

“Carter Clapsadle is a landscape architect, writer, and poet. He is an environmental educator and consultant based in St. Paul, MN. His garden designs promote and feature indigenous plants of the Midwest. In his spare time he writes, and writes, and writes.”

listen to falling snow
a ceremony begins –
it’s reindeer time …

Staying the Winter

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