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By Megan Adie
San Francisco: Megan Adie, 2010. Edition of 24.

A book about the foreclosure crisis of 2009-10.

Megan Adie: "The text – imagined histories of the different parts of a house – is hand set in Venus Ligh Extended, and paired with lightly textured shapes, evocative of the things they describe though never overt. All images were hand inked and printed with the text onto Japanese mulberry paper. Interleaved between each text page is a piece of black paper, from which images of the footprint of a house have been cut out. Bits of prints beneath can be glimpsed through these holes. Housed in a plywood box. Choosing plywood as the construction material is evocative of the guts of a house.

"Last year, when we were just a few months into the 'Great Recession' and the housing crisis, I came across an article in The New York Times Magazine about Cleveland and the devastating effects of housing foreclosures on that city. It truly shocked me to read about former home owners stripping anything of value (pipes, cabinets, doors, etc.) from their own houses after foreclosing on their mortgage, and I began thinking about the lives of those things, as part of a home, before they were reduced again to mere materials, or scrap."


15.25 x 9 x 1.5"; 18 leaves. Printed letterpress at the San Francisco Center for the Book. Paper cutting. Silk-screen. Bound into wooden boards. Slipped into cloth bag.




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