A Budding Volkswagen Mechanic's Retrospective 
By Eric Evan Coleman 
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: E E C Press, 2018. Edition of 20.


Eric Coleman: "My work vaguely references a connection with motor vehicles spliced with personal narratives about my love life. these are two things that make up my identity. Identity is often mistaken for the artist's own narcissism, but it is something I am interested in even if am prostituting my story for my work. Explaining my empathetic tendencies to the world, how I absorb every emotion in a room, and how my identity is often misperceived based on outside misconceptions is something I feel obligated to portray as an artist. The job of an artist is to explain the complicated things in life to the rest of the world, so, much of my work starts from my own experience."


5.75 x 9.25"; 16 pages including pastedowns. 4 double-page pop-ups. Lithography. Screen prints. Numbered. Bound in paper over boards with cloth spine. Colophon on back board.

Texting & Driving