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The Boy Who Liked to Eat

By Lise Melhorn-Boe
North Bay, Canada: Transformer Press, 2002. Edition of 10.

10 x 7.5" with eight spreads. Accordion book with handmade paper pages and hard covers. The text is rubber-stamped and the images colour-copied. There are five very simple pop-ups.

Tall tales and (possibly) true stories told to Lise Melhorn-Boe as a child are combined to create a fairy-tale version of her father's immigration to Canada, presented as a quest for food. The pages get more colourful and dimensional as the story progresses.

Lise Melhorn Boe: "My father grew up during World War I in Germany, the third youngest of nine. So he remembered not having enough to eat. He was a good storyteller, so I've just put together a number of his tales. The photos are all really of him and his family. It was very hand that my grandfather actually was a poor shoemaker with many children, considering that I was trying to make it like a fairy tale.

When I was away from home at university My father would always ask "Are you getting enough to eat?" (I was in a residence with an all-you-can-eat mean plan!) After my mother died, I would phone him and ask "Are you getting enough to eat?"
$750 (Last Copy)

The Boy Who Liked to Eat

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