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The Garden Life & Literature

By Carol Schwartzott
Freeville, New York: Carol Schwartzott, 2021. Edition of 20.

3" x 3"; 72 pages. Printed Mohawk #100 Superfine Vellum text, with inserts of Mohawk translucent paper. Printed with a Canon Prisma Ink printer. Illustrations scanned from original drawings. Slipcased. Signed and numbered by the artist.


This is a miniature version of the artist's book "The Garden".

Carol Schwartzott: "Gardens have always been my passion….I created and submitted ( for a grant) the original 'Gardens In Literature' in 1995. This was a larger version of my tiny Garden book( 1995)….Rejected, the grant book was filed away with other working models.


"Last year, after a long hiatus from Book Arts, I rediscovered my 'Gardens in Literature' and decided it would be fun to re-work the idea….It started with a series of new graphite drawings, many of the flowers and landscapes reminiscent of our property in Ithaca NY."


The text uses extracts from "Lure of the Garden" by Hildegarde Hawthorne, 1911. Schwartzott notes that "although the illustrations were poor quality the essence of her writing was captivating and brought forth many interesting ideas."


      The perfect garden should give something of tis fragrance and beauty to the world at large …
                                            ~ Hildegarde Hawthorne

The Garden Life & Literature

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