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The Great Sinkhole

By Art Hazelwood
Richmond, California: Art Hazelwood, 2018. Edition of 30.


Art Hazelwood: "The Great Sinkhole is an artist book drawn from a year and a half of political street posters in opposition to the Trump madness. The images form a broad narrative including the GOP convention, Trump's open embrace of the fascist right in Charlottesville, the response to Hurricane Maria, attacks on public assistance, and Playboy models. The Republican elephant is shackled to the president and careening towards some kind of end point, whether an end point of Trump or an end point of democracy is still in question. Volume two is immediately under way."


13 x 9.5" with 12.375 x 9"page size; 17 pages including one horizontal fold-out. Printed on Mohawk Superfine Cover. Two-color screenprints. Vertical accordion fold. Printed front and back covers. Signed and numbered by the artist.

The Great Sinkhole

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