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The Intrepid Ones

By Brian Borchardt
Stevens Point, Wisconsin: Seven Hills Press, 2007.
Edition of 50.


5.5 x 9"; 26 pages. Colorful cotton and abaca text pages from Caren Heft's Root River Mill. Fabriano Uno covers. Letterpress printed.


From the text: "In the village of Juchitan, Mexico, gay men … are regarded as neither men nor women; they are know as muxe, and are considered a major element of society. They are a third gender, combining the best parts of both the male and female, equipped with special intellectual and artistic gifts."


The Intrepid Ones provides a glimpse of Juchitan and its tripartite society. Set in a colorful array of handmade papers that have been collaged, perforated, and punctuated by unattributed photographic transfers (?), the production suggests that this is more than a local history.

The Intrepid Ones

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