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The Kiss

Linocuts by Julio César Peña Peralta
Foreword by Steve Miller
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Red Hydra Press, 2021. Edition of 28.

13.75 x 10.25" closed; 10 leaves. Linocuts. Letterpress printed. Laid in portfolio enclosure with slip and slot closure. Binding cover with magnet closure. Signed by the artist on the title page. Signed by Miller on the foreward.

Red Hydra Press: "Eight large, erotic, skeletal linocuts by Cuban artist Peralta, with an introduction by Steve Miller, gathered, along with a title page and introductory page, into a silvery portfolio enclosure created by Anna Embree. This work can best be described as a Cuban Kamasutra. The title page is numbered and signed by the artist. This work has been in the hopper for five years while awaiting the linocuts, and then the pandemic, but well worth the wait for the maker. The letterpress work was done by Steve Miller at the Penland School of Craft."

Steve Miller, foreward: “Julio has an outsized personality – a big smile, a resounding voice, and amazing artistic talent. His work features skeletons – often whole scenes of people as skeletons.

“In 2014 I spoke with Julio about working with me on a Cuban Kamasutra – erotic prints with a skeletal twist. Being a passionate fellow he was immediately on board. … right away Julio drew out a plan for this devilish work. Years passed, and with each trip to the Taller I would ask him about it, and he would promise, “Soon!” with a big smile.

“In 2019, friends who visited the Taller were given a package from Julio to bring to me. Lo and Behold here were the prints - skeletons locked in eternal embrace. They were magnificent.”

The Kiss

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