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The Radiant Republic

By Sarah Bryant
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Big Jump Press, 2018. Edition of 50.


Sarah Bryant: "The Radiant Republic is built entirely out of language found in Plato's Republic and Le Corbusier's The Radiant City. In these texts, separated by more than two thousand years, Plato and Le Corbusier each describe a city plan designed to provide a framework for morality and ethics. These works are revered, but they are also deeply troubling. In The Radiant Republic, language from Plato and Le Corbusier has been combined to create a narrative in five parts. Each part is bound separately and features a portion of an interlocking landscape with no fixed beginning or end."

Sarah Bryant, interviewed by Red Butte Press: "Although these works and their authors are separated by time and context, both are concerned with designing a perfect city and a belief that there is an inherent connection between their design and a universal form of justice or moral virtue. Additionally, both of them use the structure of the text to weaponize their argument, LE CORBUSIER ATTACKS THE VIEWER WITH ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! while Plato tangles the viewer up with leading questions that coax agreement at the end of each paragraph. Do you not agree? I’ll also say that the other thing that strikes me is that both these voices are so profoundly male, although this is no real surprise or rarity." 


Elements housed in 27 x 17 x 11 cm box (removable lid covered in cloth; wood bottom with glass insert). Box constructed with finger jointed, pressed-wood with light green cloth lid. Includes 9 concrete forms and 5 pamphlets. Wrapper around pamphlets with title printed. Text digitally set in Baskerville. Letterpress printed from polymer plates. Color illustrations. Embossed text on the verso. Same text printed in ink. Image of three icosahedron forms on lid. Concrete forms (3 icosahedrons, 3 cubes, and 3 pyramids) in bottom, shielded with glass sheet cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

The Radiant Republic

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