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The Show of Dr. Mortvisage Is it a Memory... or was it a Dream?

By Lois Morrison and Tara Bryan
Leonia, New Jersey: Lois Morrison, 2006/2010. Edition of 25. 

"Is it a Memory ... or was it a Dream?" by Bryan: Laser, ink-jet, letterpress, Gocco, and rubber-stamped images. Pull tabs, volvelle, pop-up. Colored pencil embellishments.

"The Show of Dr. Mortvisage" by Morrison: Gocco printed images. Puffed out with heavier paper. Glued to a Gocco printed background. Typefaces: original, Big Top, Viking, Bard, Aardvark, and Vivienne. Papers: Strathmore and Crosse Pointe's Synergy. 

Morrison's doll series began with The Hollow Doll (out of print) in 1998. She has continued these doll-related stories of age and brokenness through several books including In the Land of Shadows and Mechanical Baby. Although Morrison does not state it directly, Mortvisage can be translated as the face of death. This translation ties in not only with the recurring bleakness of the doll series but also with her Day of the Dead references in other bookworks (like Une Nuit D'Hiver). In this work the last page contains a Day of the Dead skeleton figure. 

Tara Bryan approaches this dollscape from a different direction, although Morrison parallels appear throughout. 

Tara Bryan, colophon: "Lois Morrison's Gocco-printed images sent me onto a side track of broken dolls, which led to compiling sayings using body parts. There I stayed. Go figure."


9.25 x 7.5"; 26 pages. Dos-à-dos binding. Handcut and assembled. Bound with heavy cardstock and sewn Tyvek hinges.

The Show of Dr. Mortvisage Is it a Memory... or was it a Dream?

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