Their Journey Begins

By Lois Morrison
Leonia, New Jersey: Lois Morrison, 2007. Edition of 32.


Lois Morrison: "The drawings are of a cedar tree and branch in B.L. Speck's pasture in Virginia. The doll bodies were found in La Gunilla in Mexico City. My copy lives in the torso."


A continuation of the moody and allusive Doll Series, which began with The Hollow Dolls (1998) and After (1999). In this installment two battered and abandoned dolls, one a mere torso, meet "after it was all over." The travel together, around a fallen cedar, around a dead branch. The only difference in getting past the two obstacles is that one "took a long time and was prickly," the other was "shorter ." Somber colors, bare and tortured landscape, a journey impelled by nothing, not danger or curiosity or joy, marked by struggle and movement, movement on — an allegory of old age?



2.5 x 3.75"; 22 pages. Accordion with pop outs. Printed with a Gocco printer on Magani Pescia, Tyvek, and Crosse-Pointe's Synergy. Enhanced with a Pigma Micron pen. Typeface: Agate normal italics. Handcut, assembled, and bound. Photographs by Enrique Chavarria. Bound in illustrated paper over boards. Wraparound of 1 x 7" cloth band with thread and button closure.

Their Journey Begins