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This Way, That Way

By Marcia Ciro
Watertown, Massachusetts: Marcia Ciro, 2021. Edition of 25.

2.25 x 3" miniature, extends to 18 x 11.25". Snake fold construction. Original photographs digitally printed on recycled paper. In printed sleeve. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Marcia Ciro: "Like many, I have felt the push and pull from this chaotic pandemic event of 2020-2021, where information changed daily and no one knew what was on the way. At the same time, many of us found solace in the outdoors, which, really, was the only place we could go for a while. My book combines the chaos with nature to express the feelings of uncertainty and fear that we have all experienced over the last year and a half, and a little comic relief at the pandemic's expense."

This Way, That Way

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