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Thoughts from the Throne

By John R. Hastings
Everett, Washington: John R. Hastings, 2012. Edition of 10.

2.75 x 3"; 12 pages. Printed on Epson double-sided, Matte Presentation Paper using an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer with pigment inks. Font: Comic Sans MS. Handsewn pamphlet stitch binding. Numbered.

John Hastings: "When my twin sister and I were young, our parents tried everything to get us to use the toilet. They bought a special kid-sized toilet seat in the shape of a duck. Besides enticing us with sitting on the duck, we were often handed a book to read. It must have worked because as an adult I can spend forever in the bathroom, especially if I have something good to read."

In many households the bathroom is referred to the reading room. Hastings has paired a picture of a young boy sitting on the 'throne' with book in hand. A text bubble on each of the nine images has some challenging phrase coming from the young guy as he addresses the person outside our view that has interrupted his reading time.

"What do you mean, poop or get off the pot?"

Thoughts from the Throne

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