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Three Sisters

By Lise Melhorn-Boe
North Bay, Canada: Transformer Press, 1999. Edition of 10.

10 x 8.5" three faces. Tri-hexaflexagon made of Arches cotton print paper with colour photocopies on Tree-free Eco-21 paper.

Flex the flexagon to reveal three views of the same set of parents. Drawings by the artist and her two sisters (Margaret Melhorn and Marie Cooper).

Lise Melhorn-Boe: "Years ago, during some "Reach for your inner-child-type workshop, I did a drawing of my parents. My husband was interested to note that I had drawn my father without ears. He actually had huge ears but was partially deaf. He had his back to my very worried-looking mother and was typing.

My youngest sister happened to come to Toronto to visit me, and, without showing her my drawing, I gave her paper and coloured pencils and asked her to draw them. Hers was completely different except that my father was wearing the same blue sweatshirt! "Her" parents were standing side-by side and looked very happy. ...

I wrote to my middle sister, ... and asked her to draw our parents in pencil crayons. The same blue sweatshirt appears again! It was perfect. It fit in between the other two drawings perfectly, making a progression from alienation to harmony. Three sisters with three different views."

Three Sisters

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