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To Sit With Animals Linocuts

Linocuts by Sigfredo Mendoza
Words by Mary Wehner
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Red Hydra Press, 2013. Edition of 40.

2.75 x 2.75"; 18 pages. Miniature book with eight poems and eight linocuts. Letterpress printed in Century Schoolbook on paper from French Paper Co. Bound in wrapper of Mohawk paper. Designed, letterpress-printed, and handbound by Steve Miller. Signed and numbered by the poet.

Steve Miller: "This is my fourth collaboration with Wisconsin poet Mary Wehner, and the second with Havana-born Sigfredo Mendoza. I met the artist while working on artist book projects in Cuba. He became a friend and has visited Tuscaloosa twice. On a recent visit I gave him eight linoleum blocks and asked him to cut them as he saw fit. I then sent proofs of the blocks to the poet, and, Voila!, a book was born.

"Note to self: It is much harder to make a miniature book."

To Sit With Animals Linocuts

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