Train Depots

By Peter Thomas
Santa Cruz, California: Peter and Donna Thomas, 2008. Edition of 85.

3 x 2.25"; 44 pages. Letterpress printed with handset metal type using 14 point Centaur for the text and 24 point Old Town for the titles. Printed on Peter's handmade paper. 9 line drawing illustrations. Handbound by Peter and Donna Thomas in black leather with the title stamped on a wood panel inset in the front cover.

Peter Thomas: "This is a short history of train depot buildings in the United States. There are 9 line drawing illustrations of train depots, printed in black ink on a blue square. The blue square was printed from small blocks of wood found at the site of an old train depot in La Grand, California, and was printed so that the color offset on the reverse side of the page as well."


(Out of Print)

Train Depots