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Traveling Companions

By Lynn Agnew, Robin Hruska, Susan Lange, Mary Jeanne Linford Kingston, Washington: Full Plate Press, 2014. Edition of 12.

12 x 8 x 3" hinged case with buckled straps, handle, brass corner fittings, and travel stickers for title and press name. Black-patterned cloth interior with pocket in lid and black ribbon tie at base. Materials: book board, book cloth, fabric, faux leather, and brass hardware.

Pocket contains: 7.5 x 4" air mail envelope with two folded 11 x 7" pages of "Production Notes" and 16 postcards varying in size from 3.75 x 7.25" to 9 x 4.75". Eighteen 6.75 x 10.5" single sheets laid in base, held in place by ribbon. "Production Notes" signed by the artists.

Collaged images using drawings, decorative papers, stamps, pochoir techniques with stencils, brushes, and ink, inkjet print transfers, and photos. Collages copied onto papers then scanned and printed using an inkjet printer on Red River photo papers. Poetry set in Gisha typeface and letterpress printed on a Poco Proof Press using Fabriano Artistico Hot Press 140# paper. Numbered on the colophon.

Colophon: "Traveling Companions is a collection of poems and images that come from our memory and experience of the people, places, objects, and emotions that have kept us company as we have traveled through life. Though not a complete inventory, these 16 recollections represent what we have held onto most dearly and sometimes had to let go of most painfully in our collective 240+ years of living. Manifested as postcard images and folio poems stored in a suitcase, these are souvenirs of our several lifetimes. They are meant to be viewed with the same sense of joy, sadness, longing, humor, and fun with which they were created, much as one would look at souvenirs collected along any journey."

Traveling Companions

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