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By Carolyn Shattuck
Rutland, Vermont: Shattuck Studio, 2024. One-of-a-Kind.

9"x 30” double sided accordion book. Materials: wool, washi paper, gel pen. Textile using crochet.


Three double sided panels of colorful crochet with an image of a tree patterned in. Two poems are digitally printed - one by Louise Erdrich , "The Painted Drum", and one by Joann Raptis , "Be Like A Tree ".

Stay grounded
Connect with your roots.
Turn over a new leaf.
Bend before you break.
Enjoy your unique beauty.
Keep growing
                                                                        ~ Joann Raptis

Carolyn Shattuck: “As far as I can remember, I have been working with wool. When I was a night nurse in Montreal, I decided to teach myself crocheting. It led to creating many afghans, pillows and even a bathing suit. Since I make books, I thought it would be exciting to combine both crocheting and book arts.”


New England Book Artists: “Carolyn shared that she was ‘born to make things’. Her life-long attraction to colors, textures, and patterns has been a focus in all the mixed media arts she has produced.”


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