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Twin Code

By Amy Pirkle
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Perkolator Press, 2014. Edition of 10.

4.5 x 9"; accordion with 6 swing panels. Letterpress printed from handset metal types and reduction linocuts on Arches textweight paper. Bound with navy blue Nepali Lokta paper as a swing-panel accordion. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Amy Pirkle: "My identical twin sister and I share an understood code. One might argue that it is written into our DNA, but certainly it developed long after we were born. The rules in this book are just some of the many unspoken, yet implied, principles that we follow. ... The text is hidden on panels behind a large image of a DNA strand, reinforcing the idea that as identical twins, our genetics are identical and this code of rules is written into our DNA. "

Twin Code

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