By Megan Adie
Basel, Switzerland: Megan Adie, 2010. Edition of 12.

Megan Adie: "In March of 2010, I moved to Basel, Switzerland. The time difference between my current home and the home I left is 9 hours, which means, essentially, I sleep while my friends are awake, and for most of my day, everyone I love is asleep. It has been quite a strange feeling. In response, I tried to imagine ways that it could be the same time everywhere: maybe we have two suns, each on a giant timer. Maybe the world is flat. Maybe there's a way for it to be the same time, everywhere, so that even though we are thousands of miles apart, we can still eat breakfast together." 


5.25 x 3.25"; 12 pages. Double-sided accordion. Paper covered boards. Letterpress printed.


(Last copy)

we are eating breakfast/ it is the same time everywhere