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We Spy USA

By Bob & Roberta Smith
New York: Purgatory Pie Press, 1998. Edition of 100.

2.25 x 2.12"; 56 pages. Linocuts and letterpress printing by Dikko Faust. One sheet accordion miniature. Folded to form wrapper. Housed in paper slip-on open ended band wrapper. Designed by Esther K. Smith.

Linoleum cuts of the 54 [ask PPP] United States as identified by Londoners, Bob and Roberta Smith. The shape of each US state is printed on a page and underneath the identification by the Smiths, which actually is a gross misidentification. For example, Alabama is identified as Wiltshire, California is Cambridgeshire.

Zany nonsense? Or inspired word play?

We Spy USA

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