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When I First Arrived in Baghdad

By Stan Honda
St. Paul, Minnesota: Strong Silent Type Press, 2011. Edition of 35.

Fred Hagstrom: "I first contacted Stan Honda, a news photographer for Agence France Presse, in the days after September 11th. He took some of the most moving photographs of that day, including some of business people shrouded in dust and trying to get home after the collapse of the towers. These have become some of the most iconic images of that day. I was struck by the human qualities in his photos and invited him to speak at my school. We stayed in touch, and I have seen that same quality in much of his later work, including his photos from the gulf after Katrina, and from two trips to Iraq. He seems to always have a sense for bringing out the human part of these stories. For this book, I asked him to give me a selection of his Iraq photos and to respond to a brief sort of interview for me to generate the text. I then printed the photos in silk-screen, pairing them with his words. Together they do the best of journalism: a human perspective on a complicated moment in history." 


11 x 10 x 1"; 26 pages. Printed in silkscreen. Photographic images. Font is Futura. Bound in stainless steel covers with wire edge binding.

When I First Arrived in Baghdad

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