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When Men Are Hungry

Printed and designed by Fred Hagstrom
St. Paul, Minnesota: Strong Silent Type Press, 2014. Edition of 36.

Fred Hagstrom: "This book is on the history of the Dakota uprising of 1862. It was printed 152 years after that event in Minnesota, on land that had been the home of the Dakota.

"The Dakota had been forced onto a small portion of their land in a reserve that was unable to sustain them. Promised gold payments were late and were often skimmed off by profiteering traders. Faced with starvation, the Dakota fought back, killing hundreds of settlers. After a period of six weeks, they were captured and imprisoned. Over that winter, many died in a concentration camp at Fort Snelling. 38 Dakota men were hanged in a mass execution. Eventually, the Dakota were removed from the state. They have never received compensation for the loss of their homeland."


10.5 x 7.25"; 68 pages. Letterpress printed on Frankfurt Smooth paper using Futura font. Codex binding with cloth spine and silkscreen covers. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

(Out of print)

When Men Are Hungry

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