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Maine: Rebecca Goodale, 2024. Edition of 5.


Box: 17 x 15 x 2.25” with orange lid and blue bottom. Smaller life jacket print on exterior lid and larger life jacket print on interior lid. Design and imagery developed at the Clammers' Shack on Bunganuc Creek in Brunswick. Box contains: base with slots(or gameboard) and seven double sided leaves (pages) of different sizes and shapes. Pages and game board screen printed, hand colored, and stitched by Arlene Morris and Rebecca Goodale. Screen printing and hand coloring occurred at Rebecca's Freeport studio. Machine sewing at Arlene's studio in Topsham. Boxes fabricated in Portland by Scott Mullenberg at Mullenberg Designs. Scott Vile at Ascensius Press in Bar Mills designed the type and letterpress printed prospectus. Signed and numbered by Goodale and Morris.


Rebecca Goodale: "An historic Clammers’ shack on Bunganuc Creek in Brunswick, Maine was the inspiration for this artists’ book which is a new collaboration with Brunswick artist Arlene Morris.


“We began working together one day in mid-December 2023. We were at the shack during an incoming tide with heavy rain. While the storm raged around us, we worked and we talked about the climate crisis and the changes to the landscape in our lifetimes and our fear of loss, and more loss to come.


“This book invites the reader to assemble the panels to create a specific place during this climate crisis. Each reader will be free to choose the arrangement of the seven panels to suit their aesthetic preferences. “

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