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Wm. Morris: The Six Conditions For a Popular art, or a Happy Life

Richmond, California: Art Hazelwood, 2022.

9.5 x 6.5 x 1"; 28 pages. Blizzard binding. Book size spreads printed bleed two color 9 3/8 x 6. Cover printed front and back. Screenprinted by the artist. Binding by Asa Nakata. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Art Hazelwood: "Text is from William Morris, ‘The Origins of Ornamental Art’, 1872 in which he presents the six conditions to create a livable world based on his beliefs in the value of craft and socialism. The rise of mutual aid groups during Covid-19 led me to William Morris writings and the restrictions of access to art studios led me to paper cut as the media that is here used as the basis for the prints.”

The six conditions from Morris in brief are Extinction of Poverty; Leisure; Avoidance of wasteful work; Care of beauty of the earth; Education according to capacity; and, Abolition of class distinctions.

Text excerpts:

“2nd all men must have due leisure: rest for body and mind; time for following according to their bent other occupations than the mere bread-winning one even if it be pleasant: and if their bread-winning work is of such a rough nature as of necessity to lack art or expression of pleasure in it, the daily hours of such labour must be very short.”

“5th all men should be educated, and have their due share in the stored-up knowledge of the world, so vastly greater now than in the days of art, but so much more unequally shared. All men I say should be educated not down to their `station in life' as people call it, that is according to the amount of money their parents may have, but according to their capacity.”

Wm. Morris: The Six Conditions For a Popular art, or a Happy Life

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