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By Benjamin D. Rinehart
New York: Benjamin D. Rinehart, 2010. Edition of 10.

6 x 9"; 20 pages. Archival pigment prints with paper cover. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Introduction: "cliqued is dedicated to those individuals who don’t fit neatly into a specific social group or otherwise fulfill stereotypical expectations. This book documents and recalls distinct memories after a visit to my old stomping grounds in Fort Wayne, IN. (1978-1990)."

Benjamin D. Rinehart: "Growing up in the Midwest, family and society never encouraged 'gay behavior.' I knew that my secret would be fully accepted into mainstream culture and seen as 'normal.' Throughout the years I have realized that being 'normal' would make me anonymous. My own personal determination to be an individual has driven me to seek within myself and others all the unique qualities that we possess."


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