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Escape Tunnels

ByDiamond Forde, Gina Fowler, Sarah Scarr and Denise Bookwalter with collaborators
Tallahassee, Florida: Small Craft Advisory Press, 2022. Edition of 50.

4.2 x 9"; 104 pages. Letterpress printed. In illustrated wrapper. Numbered.

SCAP: “’Escape Tunnels’ is the result of SCAP’s experiment in long distance collaboration as a means of escape from the depths of lockdown. Diamond Forde, Gina Fowler, and Denise Bookwalter put out a call for writers and artists, from which six pairs were selected.

“The artist and writer pairs were introduced to each other and the project over Zoom. They were given a poem by Forde (found in the first section of the book) as inspiration. Each of the six meetings created a unique escape tunnel for the collaborators providing freedom to create and write. The themes of the resulting works include reflections on the time before, searching for meaning, finding oneself and losing oneself in routine, the George Floyd Protests of 2020, wanting to be home or return home, reflections on time, and lessons between mother and child.

“This project was supported by an Arts and Research grant from Florida State University. “

              Denise Bookwalter & Diamond Forde
              Jenoe Christopher & Michael Frazier
              Joel Gaytan & Rasha Abdulhadi
              Melissa Wagner-Lawler & Patrycja Humienik
              Skye Tafoya & Lucy Zhang
              Yoonmi Nam & Jae Nichelle
              Zeinab Saab & S. Erin Batiste

Escape Tunnels

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