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State of the Union


By Scott McCarney
Rochester, New York: Visual Books, 2006. Edition of 100.


Scott McCarney: "The source of images for State of the Union was the 1992 television broadcast of George W. Bush's State of the Union address. My boyfriend had recently given me a small point-and-shoot digital camera for my birthday. I was curious what a digital image from television would look like. I did not have this book in mind at the time, and I set up my camera on a tripod and turned down the volume on the TV. The resulting images of Bush emphasized the odd tics and expressions that had become a trademark of this president. In the forthcoming political cartoons, these expressions have mirrored the massacre of language which he is known for world-wide. The live tag in the frame of the television screen transformed into evil and then into vile. On the internet, and the resulting anagrams for The State of the Union became a text-crawl which separated Bush's expressive eyes from that of his mouth. This binding made with plastic sheeting and duct tape is suggestive of the Department of Homeland Security use of readiness for chemical and biological terrorist attacks."


8 x 8", 32 pages. Digital printing. Stab binding with duct tape and red linen thread. Text from the Internet Anagram Server.

State of the Union

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